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College Tutors at Baylor University

Are you stressed about your performance in particular class? Chemistry? Statistics? A&P? Calculus? Spanish? With Baylor Tutors, you can quit worrying. We have the tools you need to start improving today.

A Baylor Tutor at Your Service
Here’s the breakdown. Depending on what course you need help in we will assign you a Baylor Tutor who has taken the same course with the same professor at Baylor and made an A. If we can’t find a fellow Bear to tutor you, we will place you with another tutor who has mastered the content in a similar course. Not convinced yet? Keep reading.

Our Baylor Tutors

Connecting You to a Baylor Tutor
Getting hooked up is simple.

  1. Submit a tutor request form online or call us at 817.717.1286.
  2. Chat with our staff to determine the best tutor to work with you.
  3. Meet with your personal tutor and get back on track.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. Check us out today!